Double Beam UV-VIS Spectrophotometer

Type : AU 2603


The advantages of the AU 2603 at a glance:

  • Color LCD screen (480 X 272)
  • Imported & Environmental Deuterium lamp, preventing
  • from Ozone inhalation
  • Data output: Data can be exported to U disk (USB Output)
  • Print port: Instrument can connect PCL printer for printing
  • A4 paper (USB Port)
  • Adopted high-class grating with wholly hermetic light path design, to ensure the instrument
  • has the super low stray light
  • With GLP self-check function, check the wavelength accuracy and Photometry accuracy, can
  • provide test report and power-off protection
  • Upgrade package can be possible with U disk one-key upgrade
  • With Si02 coating optical mirror, reducing the pollution from outside.